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Life-saving equipment lying unused

He said that "we could not prepare the necessary team and policy" because they had to deal quickly with Covid-19 patients. He also stated that they couldn't fix the time allowances for doctors and nurses for the service or the ambulance fare. During a recent trip to RMCH, the correspondent witnessed Ashraful Ali, an ambulance driver, opening the garage and switching on the ICU ambulance. He also powered up electronic equipment within the vehicle. Officials at the hospital said that there are 40 types of life-saving equipment in the ambulance, including a mobile ventilator, an ECG monitor and a defibrillator. The correspondent noticed that all apparatuses had been wrapped in plastic. The ambulance driver arrived half an hour later and started to cool everything. He then closed the garage's shutters. Ali stated, "I do it almost every day, turning the vehicle and equipment on so that the machines don’t rust." He said that "none" had asked for an ambul